Total Conquest has three in game currencies used by players to decorate their cities, recruit units, and upgrade their city defenses and unit strengths.

Premium CurrenciesEdit

Premium currencies is the primary method the game publisher uses to monetize the game which is free to play otherwise. The game has an energy system to force time delays on players unless they elect to accumulate and premium currency with real money. The game does drop nominal amounts of free premium currency for free players which one must carefully budget.

Crowns - Used to instantly complete building construction/upgrades and unit upgrades, potions, and certain Temple bonuses. Also the only way to add architects to the players base. Can only be acquired by leveling up, removing randomly appearing botched stonework in the city. The player starts with 500 crowns.

As is usual with P2P games, the game does not confirm with players when they click a game object that will spend crowns if they should hit the buttons accidentally (such as in combat when they run out of a particular unit, or during city construction and accidentally click on complete now.) This is a typical strategy in F2P game by developers to force players to unwilling spend real money on accidental clicks/touches.

Farming CurrenciesEdit

These currencies are accumulated in game by building and upgrading economic buildings as well as loot from single player and PVP battles.

Apples - Used for the construction/upgrading of military buildings and coin producing economic buildings as well as for the recruitment of troops for battles and boosts from Temple bonuses.

Coins - Used for the construction/upgrading of defensive buildings and apple producing economic buildings as well as required for the initiation of PVP battles and boosts from Temple bonuses.

Ambrosia - Used for the construction/upgrading of Barracks of Gods and the production of mythological Units

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